Some nice words from our clients. The funds are strictly designed to help single-family homeowners retrofit their residences for safety purposes.
Michael Bell Blogger

Bien que nous n’ayons pas eu beaucoup de problèmes, mais à chaque fois qu’il y a eu un problème, vous avez été incroyablement utile et chaque fois que vous êtes sorti pour une inspection, vous avez été si gentil et absolument adorable. Vous êtes un excellent ajout à l’équipe de Realtyspace et je suis reconnaissant que nous nous occupions de nous. Je ne pense jamais que j’attends que des actions soient prises et que vous soyez toujours aussi rapide pour nous donner une mise à jour ou une résolution s’il y a un problème qui doit être pris en charge. Nous avons été dans notre appartement depuis près de 9 ans, en commençant par une autre agence et maintenant avec Realtyspace, et je peux dire sincèrement que je ne me suis jamais senti si soigné et traité si bien. Je ne peux que supposer que le propriétaire soit aussi heureux avec vous que nous.

Ana Oliver Housewife

Dear Ana , we have been so grateful for all your hardwork and support. Although we haven’t had many issues but any time there has been an issue you have been incredibly helpful and whenever you have come out for an inspection you have been so personable and absolutely lovely to be around. You are a great addition to the Realtyspace Team and i am thankful that we have you looking after us. I never feel i am waiting about for any action to be taken and you are always so swift in giving us an update or resolution if there is a problem needing to be taken care of. We have been in our flat for nearly 9 years, starting with another agency and now with Realtyspace , and i can honestly say i have never felt so looked after and treated so well. I can only assume the landlord is as happy with you as we are.

Caroline Reynolds Marketing Manager

Just to say thanks to you Caroline Reynolds and all the staff for your efforts. We are delighted with the sale price. It was a pleasure dealing with you and will recommend Caroline to friends in the future.

Joseph Ryan Designer

We can’t recommend Joseph strongly enough. They were friendly, professional and approachable from the minute we called asking for an appraisal right until completion. As first time sellers they made the process fast and simple, any questions we had they were happy to answer. When the process was getting slowed down by unresponsive solicitors, they chased and chased to make sure we completed in the timescale that we required. We would like to thank the whole team and would recommend Joseph to anyone thinking of selling.

Vanessa Kasinsky Brand Manager

Vanessa always addressed my questions professionally and in a very timely manner. Working with him was a pleasure and would come with my recommendation.